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Who we are

Novotek-estore is the online store for Novotek providing advanced industrial IT and automation hardware to the manufacturing, process and production sectors.

Headquartered in Malmo Sweden, the Novotek Group (Novotek AB) is a publicly listed company on the Nordic stock exchange since 1999, employing over 130 staff in offices throughout the Nordic, the Benelux and UK & Ireland regions.

Our e-store operates from the UK and is serviced from our principal office in Leeds, with support from our regional office in Dublin.

Our other services

As well as industrial hardware, Novotek also provides software and delivers consultation and product expert services, as well as automation products and software license sales throughout Northern Europe that help our customer achieve significant improvements in productivity, resource consumption and supply chain coordination. Our staff offer a high level of expertise in assessing our customers’ potential areas of opportunity, and in preparing a plan to capture them. You can learn more about these services at www.novotek.com/uk

Novotek has been a channel partner for GE Digital software and Emerson hardware since the formation of the company, as well a Gold Authorised Reseller for PTC Kepware, whilst also currently representing Auvesy Versiondog in all regions.

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