Kepware software solutions connects and gives you access and control to your industrial data. It overcomes the connectivity gaps between diverse industrial automation devices and applications, offering a platform for all your plant devices in a uniform way to be linked and accessible to the world.

How to Buy

Simply select your product type from the dropdown list below. All products come with 1 years support. You will receive a confirmation of your order and it will be delivered to you in approximately 1 week.

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Kepware – one product to gain enterprise connectivity

As your production facilties grow, it increases in complexity. As a result, data access can become difficult due to connectivity issues. Without a standardised, enterprise-wide approach, like Kepware, to connectivity your teams are prevented from making data-driven decisions. These OT connectivity issues can also stall IIoT or Industry 4.0 projects. They can also keep you from scaling globally.

Kepware allows you to take an enterprise approach to connectivity by connecting virtually any production asset.  Standardised connectivity enables a repeatable architecture, that scales to connect your production equipment and applications.

Key Benefits

  • Access to all Kepware drivers and advanced plug-ins
    By using an enterprise licensing model, you can deploy new servers, drivers, or plug-ins without needing to involve purchasing or create a purchase order.
  • Simplified licensing and flexible pricing
    Simplified deployment with one unlock key across all servers, and enterprise subscription pricing that scales with your deployment
  • Enterprise support
    Access award-winning support from experts in industrial automation and connectivity
  • Accelerate IIoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives
    Create a standardised, repeatable architecture that can scale across the entire organisation.


Kepware only delivers industrial-strength solutions that are designed, tested, and certified to meet the demands of industrial automation applications. To ensure this, Kepware will not release a product until it has successfully passed all stages of a rigorous quality control process.


ABB Totalflow, Advanced Tags, Alarms & Events, Allen-Bradley 1609 UPS, Allen-Bradley Bulletin 900, Allen-Bradley Suite, Alstom Redundant Ethernet, Analog Devices, Aromat Suite, AutomationDirect EBC, AutomationDirect Suite, BACnet/IP, Beckhoff TwinCAT, Bristol/IP, Building Automation Suite, BUSWARE Ethernet, ClientAce, CODESYS Ethernet, Contrex Suite, Custom Interface, Cutler-Hammer Suite, Dataforth isoLynx, DataLogger, DDE Client, DNP3 Suite (11+ Devices), DNP3 Suite (1-10 Devices), EFM Suite with EFM Exporter (1000-1999), EFM Suite with EFM Exporter (100-199), EFM Suite with EFM Exporter (1-49), EFM Suite with EFM Exporter (200-499), EFM Suite with EFM Exporter (500-999), EFM Suite with EFM Exporter (50-99), Enron Modbus, EUROMAP 63, Fanuc Focas Suite, Fisher ROC Suite, Fuji Flex, GE Suite, Hilscher Universal, Honeywell Suite, IDEC Serial, IEC 60870-5 Suite (11+ Devices), IEC 60870-5 Suite (1-10 Devices), IEC 61850 MMS Client (11+ Devices), IEC 61850 MMS Client (1-10 Devices), Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk (1-500 tags), Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk (5,001+ tags), Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk (501-5,000 tags), Intelligent Actuator (IA) Super SEL, InTouch Client, IoT Gateway (1-500 tags), IoT Gateway (5,001+ tags), IoT Gateway (501-5,000 tags), IOtech PointScan 100, IT and Infrastructure Suite, Keyence KV Ethernet, Krauss Maffei MC4 Ethernet, LinkMaster, Local Historian (1-500 tags), Local Historian (501-10,000 tags), Lufkin Modbus, Manufacturing Suite, Mettler Toledo, Micro-DCI, Mitsubishi Suite, Modbus Suite, MQTT Client, MTConnect, ODBC Client, Oil and Gas Suite, OMNI Flow Computer, Omron Suite, OPC Connectivity Suite, Optimation OptiLogic, Opto 22 Ethernet, Partlow ASCII, Philips P8/PC20, Power Suite, RedundancyMaster, SattBus Suite, Scanivalve Ethernet, Scheduler, Security Policies, Siemens Plus Suite, Siemens Suite, Simatic 505 Suite, Simulation Suite, SIXNET Suite, SNMP Agent, SNMP Suite (1-15 devices), SNMP Suite (16-50), SNMP Suite (51+), Square D, System Monitor, Telemecanique Uni-Telway, Thermo Westronics Suite, TIWAY Host Adapter, Torque Tool Ethernet, Toshiba Suite, Toyopuc Suite, Triconex Ethernet, User-Configurable (U-CON), WAGO Ethernet, Weatherford 8500, WITS Suite, Yaskawa Suite, Yokogawa Controller, Yokogawa Suite, Yokogawa YS100