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  • Industrial 10-port managed ethernet switch (IC086SLM073)

    IC086SLM073 industrial Ethernet switch, including 7×10/100Base-T(X) electrical ports and 3 gigabit optical multiplexing ports. Supports a variety of redundancy technologies: Redundant-Ring (250 nodes in a single ring, self-healing time <10ms), RSTP/STP (IEEE 802.1W/D), which can quickly recover when the network fails to ensure the failure of important applications Intermittent communication. Users can also use Windows network management software (PACSystems Ethernet Switch Configuration Tool) to centrally manage and configure the switch. In addition, the working temperature of -40~70℃ can work stably in harsh environments. This makes the IC086SLM073 the best choice for industrial Ethernet communication network.

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