PACMotion PSR Servo Motor (IC830M21C-KKB2AB00)


The PACMotion PSR Servo Motor – IC830M21C-KKB2AB00. The ideal solution for a variation of servo motion desires like usage of industrial robots, packaging/textile systems, machine tools and dynamic motion control applications that respond in a comparable way.

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PACMotion PSR Servo Motor IC830M21C-KKB2AB00


  • Part Number: IC830M21C-KKB2AB00
  • Flange Type: NEMA ICS 16 Metric Flange
  • Shaft: 9×25 mm Shaft, 3mm Open Key
  • Connections: Rot. Dual Connector
  • Brake: No Brake
  • Feedback Device: BiSS
  • Absolute Encoder: Multi-Turn Abs
  • Seal: No Seal