PACMotion VFD to PC via USB cable (IC866-CABL-USB485)


PACMotion Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are integrated, rugged and modular AC variable frequency drives designed for a range of industries, including water/wastewater, metro, automotive, mining, food and beverage, packaging, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing and modular machine designs. They can be connected to an industrial PC using the IC866-CABL-USB485 cable.

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The PACMotion VFD to PC via USB cable – IC866-CABL-USB485  is a genuine Emerson cable that allows you to connect a PACMotion VFD to your industrial PC via USB. Suitable cable glands to maintain the IP protection of the drive are required. Gland sizes should be selected based on the number and size of the required connection cables.

Connecting to a PC

PACMotion VFD may be connected to a PC with Microsoft Windows operating system to allow use of the Emerson PACMotion VFD Studio PC software for commissioning and monitoring. There are two possible methods of connection as follows:

  • Wired Connection. Requires the optional PC connection kit IC866-CABL-USB485 which provides a USB to
    RS485 serial port conversion and premanufactured RJ45 connection.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection. Requires the optional IC866-BLUE Parameter Bluetooth Stick & Dongle.
    The PC must have Bluetooth BLE onboard or a suitable Bluetooth BLE dongle, which can support a
    Bluetooth serial connection.

With either communication method, the steps to establish a connection between the PC and drive are as

  • Download and install the Emerson PACMotion VFD Studio PC software to the PC.
  • Start the software, and select the Parameter Editor function.
  • If the drive address has been changed in parameter P5-01, ensure that in the Emerson PACMotion VFD
    Studio the Network Scan Limit setting in the lower left corner of the screen is set to the same or higher
  • In VFD Studio select Tools – Select Communications Device.
    • If using the BlueTooth Stick,select BlueTooth (BLE).
    • If using the wired PC connection kit, select Wired Serial Interface (RS485/RS232).
  • In PACMotion VFD Studio select the Serial Port associated with the connection.
  • Click the Scan Drive Network button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Specifications of the VFD to PC cable – IC866-CABL-USB485

  • Part Number: IC866-CABL-USB485