The PACSystems Power Sync and Measurement (PSM) system monitors two independent three-phase power grids. It incorporates advanced digital signal processor (DSP) technology to continuously process three voltage inputs and four current inputs for each grid. Measurements include RMS voltages, RMS currents, RMS power, frequency, and phase relationship between the phase voltages of both grids.

The PSM module performs calculations on each captured waveform, with the DSP processing the data in less than two-thirds of a power line cycle. The PSM module can be used with wye or delta type three-phase power systems or with single-phase power systems.

The PSM system can be used for applications such as:

  • Electrical power consumption monitoring and reporting
  • Fault monitoring
  • Generator control features for generator to power grid synchronisation
  • Demand penalty cost reduction/load shedding

The PSM system consists of:

  • PSM module – A standard IC694 module that mounts in an RX3i rack. The PSM module provides the DSP capability.
  • Terminal Assembly – A panel-mounted unit that provides the interface between the PSM module and the input transformers.
  • Interface cables – Provide the GRID 1 and GRID 2 connections between the PSM module and the Terminal Assembly.
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Kit consists of: (1) IC694PSM001 module, (1) IC694ACC200 terminal assembly and (2) IC694CBL200 interface cables.

PSM System Features

  • Uses standard, user-supplied current transformers (CTs) and potential transformers (PTs) as its input devices.
  • Accurately measures RMS voltage and current, power, power factor, frequency, energy, and total three-phase 15-minute power demand.
  • Provides two isolated relays that close when the voltage phase relationships between the two monitored grids are within the specified ANSI 25 limits provided by the RX3i host controller. These contacts can be used for general-purpose, lamp duty or pilot duty loads.
  • Voltage and current ratings for these load types are provided in GFK-2749, PACSystems RX3i Power Sync and Measurement System User’s Manual.
  • Provides a cable monitoring function that indicates when the cables linking the PSM module and Terminal Assembly are correctly
    installed. PSM module and Terminal Assembly are easily calibrated by hardware configuration using the PAC Machine Edition (PME)