RSTi-EP I/O Label Marker (EP-8100)


Attaches via swivel connector to the frame of the module creating space to label channels and lines in detail.

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The RSTi-EP I/O Label Marker – EP-8100

Module with Swivel Marker

The following labels are available for the labelling:

• Paper labels for printing with laser printers (Part No. EP-8101)

  • White
  • Yellow


General Safety Notice

Work on the RSTi-EP products may only be performed by qualified personnel with the support of
trained persons. As a result of their professional training and experience, an personnel is qualified to
perform the necessary work and identify any potential risks.
Before any work is carried out on the products (installation, maintenance, retrofitting), the power
supply must be switched off and secured against being switched on again. Work may be carried out
with safety extra-low voltage.
The manual provided with the equipment shall be followed in detail to assure proper and safe
A stabilized 24V DC power supply shall be used.
All field wiring intended for connection to the power terminal shall consist of copper conductors with
the insulation locally removed. Additional intermediate connecting parts, other than ferriles, shall not
be used.
When working during continued operations, the emergency stop mechanisms must not be made
ineffective. If you need technical help, contact our Technical Support