Station Manager Serial Cable for Ethernet TCP/IP (IC693CBL316)


Emerson cable for RX3i CPE305 programming port and also the Station Manager Cable for the Ethernet ETM001

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This cable was initially designed for use as a “Station Manager” cable to serially access the Ethernet Daughter card on a IC693CMM321 Ethernet Module and to also do a serially access to Com Port 1 of a IC693CPU351, IC693CPU352, and IC693CPU363.

When GE Automation & Controls (now Emerson) started to introduce their 2nd generation of RX3i CPE processors, they introduced a single-wide CPU processor called CPE305 (p/n IC695CPE305) with 1x Ethernet Port and 1x RS-232 RJ12 Serial Com Port.  The IC693CBL316 Cable is the Emerson recommended cable for use in programming access for the CPE305 and also works with the “Station Manager Cable” for the Ethernet ETM001

Works with GE Proficy Machine Edition , Hyperterminal or PACsAnalyser


Product Data Sheets: Conversion Rack | Emerson