Variable Frequency Drive – 2.2A, 1HP, 480V, 3 Phase, IP20, PROFINET (IC866-0008-4A3-2P)


PACMotion Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are integrated, rugged and modular AC variable frequency drives designed for a range of industries, including water/wastewater, metro, automotive, mining, food and beverage, packaging, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing and modular machine designs.

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The PACMotion Variable Frequency Drive – IC866-0008-4A3-2P seamlessly integrates with Emerson’s PAC, PLC and Edge Controllers. Leveraging the total system architecture provides continuous feedback that can improve your process and profitability.

The flexible design offers power ranges from 0.75 to 250kW (1 to 350HP) for input voltages from 200 to 600 volts.
Options, such as braking resistors, external keypads, encoder option cards, as well as multiple communications protocols, let you customise PACMotion VFDs to your specific application requirements.

Fully Integrated for System Simplicity

PACMotion VFDs easily and seamlessly integrate with PACSystems RX3i applications for quick and cost-effective
installation. With drive configuration tools incorporated directly within PAC Machine Edition and a built-in auto-tuning feature for automatically adjusting the drive based on attached motors and loads, PACMotion VFDs offer plug-and-play startup and simplified programming.

Rugged Design for Demanding Applications

PACMotion VFDs are built to perform in harsh environments. Conformally coated circuit boards can withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. For applications with variable loading, PACMotion VFDs also provide a high current overload capacity: rated up to 150% for up to 60 seconds at a time and 200% for short durations. With operating temperatures up to 40°C for IP55 and IP66 enclosures and up to 50°C for IP20, PACMotion VFDs can meet your toughest challenges. Built-in support for Safe Torque Off (STO) allows PACMotion VFDs to integrate seamlessly into applications requiring safety as well.

Features of the Variable Frequency Drive – IC866-0008-4A3-2P

  • Native PROFINET System Redundancy support eliminates need for an intermediary device, reducing costs
  • Rugged enclosure allows drives to be mounted without a control cabinet
  • Built-in Safe Torque Off (STO) support saves development and commissioning time by allowing integrated safety and standard applications
  • Easily and seamlessly integrates with PACSystems RX3i applications
  • Built-in keypad
  • Modular design allows individual units to be connected and controlled with a single keypad

Specifications of the Variable Frequency Drive – IC866-0008-4A3-2P

  • Part Number: IC866-0008-4A3-2P
  • Connection Type: 480VAC 3 Phase
  • Enclosure Design: IP20
  • Motor Power: 1HP (0.75 kW)
  • Interference Suppression on the Input: Class C2
  • Option Card: PROFINET
  • Current: 2.2A