PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE210 Controller (EPXCPE210)


Using the same high-performance runtime and toolchain as the PACSystems RX3i large controller, the PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE210 Controller – EPXCPE210, delivers large Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) capability in a small, cost-effective, IIoT-ready form factor so machine manufacturers (OEMs) do not need to sacrifice performance for price. With security-by-design, open programming, and open communications built in, it simplifies connectivity to external analytics software platforms while reducing cost and complexity for OEMs and end users. The CPE210 offers 1MB of user memory, handles up to 16 PROFINET devices, and up to 2048 digital and 32128 analog I/O.

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PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE210 Controller – EPXCPE210

High Performance in a Very Small Package

PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE210 Controller – EPXCPE210 makes big gains in asset performance and productivity in small spaces. Emerson’s compact controllers improve machine performance and flexibility while reducing size, complexity and cost. Find new efficiencies with streamlined application development and integration, using the same runtime and templates as our other PAC solutions. These controllers operate in extreme temperatures and conditions. With OPC-UA Secure communications, you’ll always have secure access to the information you need.

Massive Power, Small Package

Leverage the power and flexibility of PACSystems in smaller applications. RSTi-EP CPUs make it possible to incorporate the entire PACSystems suite in stand-alone applications or as auxiliary control in larger process applications that use RX3i. This simplifies training for operators and maintenance workers and streamlines application development and integration. Advanced security and PROFINET I/O solutions make compact controllers from PACSystems the perfect way to enhance your workflow.


  • Programming tools such as tag-based programming, a library of reusable code and a test edit mode for improved online troubleshooting
  • User-friendly environment that can increase design flexibility and improve engineering efficiency and productivity
  • Real time I/O networking capabilities, now with up to 3x 1-Gbps Ethernet ports, with built-in support for PROFINET, OPC UP, Modbus/TCP, and DNP3, also add 3rd party devices with ease.
  • Execute fleet-wide application updates via USB stick without ever connecting a laptop. Store application variables to an SD Card from User Logic enabling portable individual unit tuning parameters.
  • Achilles 2 certified for robustness against service attacks. Secure boot to prevent malicious applications and “unauthorized” operating systems. Standard support for OPC UP Secure encrypted communications means you can monitor and control your application from anywhere with confidence.
  • Over 40 I/O module types and specialty interface modules, including IO-Link, mean connecting sensors and devices for your specific application is a snap


  • Part Number: EPXCPE210
  • Form Factor: Integrated Backplane
    User Memory: 1MB of NvRAM
  • System I/O: 2048 Bits Discrete I/O, 32128 Words for Analog I/O
  • Local I/O Modules: 32
  • Redundancy Support: MRP Master / Client
  • Ethernet Ports: One 100/1000 Mbps port and one 2-Port Switch 100/1000 Mbps
  • Ethernet Protocols: SRTP Client/Server, Modbus TCP, OPC UA Secure, EGD, PROFINET, HART passthrough
  • Serial Port / Protocols: One RS232 / ASCII Serial, Modbus RTU-Slave
  • USB Interface: Two USB A2.0
  • Memory Card: One Micro SD
  • Environmental: -40°C to 70°C
  • Power: 24VDC +/-25%
  • Agency Approvals: UL, cUL, UKCA, FCC, RoHS, FCC, Reach, UL HaxLoc C1D2, ATEX Zone 2
  • Marine Approvals: ABS, BV, DNV GL