RSTi analog input module 4 channel, 4~20mA, 12-bit (ST-3214)


A compact and distributed solution, RSTi is easy to configure, manage and upgrade. With Ethernet-based RSTi I/O, high-speed communications are enhanced to facilitate the massive amounts of data that your devices generate. RSTi I/O unlocks the continuity, connectivity, and collaboration for your control systems.

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  • Ethernet-based Slice I/O Delivers High Performance and Flexibility
  • Compact, distributed I/O delivers long-life
  • Easy to configure, manage and upgrade.


  • Part Number: ST-3214
  • Analog Input Count & Type: 4 point; 4-20mA
  • Resolution & Speed: 12 bit; 4mS
  • Current Consumption: System 165mA @5VDC