RSTi-EP PROFINET Network Adapter (EPXPNS001)


A PROFINET network adapter and the head module for the RSTi-EP communication bus. Facilitates up to 64 active RSTi-EP modules with two Ethernet ports and an integrated switch.

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  • Extended operating temperature range, enhanced diagnostics
  • High-speed system bus reads up to 256 DI/DOs in 20 mS
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Built-in Web Server for diagnostic information and firmware update through Ethernet and micro USB port
  • Supports Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) Client mode operation
  • Supports Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) Client mode operation
  • Support for daisy-chain/line, star, or ring (MRP) technologies
  • Two switched Ethernet ports; 8-conductor RJ-45 shielded twisted pair 10/100 Mbps copper interfaces
  • Fast start-up < 500 ms with a maximum of 10 modules.


  • Part Number: EPXPNS001
    Network Adapter / Use: Modbus
    Number of Modules: up to 64 active
    Connection: 2x RJ-45
    Connection: 2x RJ-45